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“A boyish fascination for the industrialized world and a passion for the natural. My work seeks to Blur the lines between the two.

I sculpt and paint Earth’s contradictions.“


Jon Voss is a 44 year old British born professional Artist, initially trained as an architect at the Bartlett in London, In 2004 Jon moved to Sydney Australia, where for the next 11 years he pursued his passion for art and design. Since 2014 he has been living in South France where he is continuing to create new and exciting works of sculpture, Light art, illustration and kinetic art.


Permanent Public Pieces

•    2022 Tern. Commissioned sculptural work for permanent display in the town of Amble, UK. 4.8m tall bird. polished Stainless steel. Due to be installed 2022

•    2018 Heron. Commissioned sculptural work for permanent display in the City of Durham, UK. 4m wingspan bird. Stainless steel and acrylic light sculpture. Installed


Temporary Public exhibitions

•    2023-4 Amsterdam Light Festival - Work-in-progress

•    2019 Voiles D’Antibes. Temporary public installation of Splendens light sculpture. 2019 Lille Grand Palais – Lille Exhibition with ‘le Garage’

•    2016 Harpoon (70x55 pastel) Finalist for National Open Art Competition. UK

•    2015 Splendens. (2x 5m tall, steel and fabric illuminated sculptures) for the Sydney Festival of light. Situated outside the Opera House, Circular Quay. Australia.

•    2013 Bees. (2.1m tall, brass and resin light sculpture) for Vivid Sydney light festival.

•    2013 Ozz Harvest. Gold birds Display for charity launch event, Sydney.

•    2012 Flocking Birds (200 x Stainless Steel, 24 carat gold plated birds). Commission for the Argle Hotel for Vivid Sydney Light Festival.

•    2011 Umbrella Bird. (3.2m tall recycled steel, aluminium & bitumen bird). Willoughby Sculpture Exhibition. (People’s choice runner up)

•    2010 Umbrella Bird. Saw Millers Reserve Sculptural Exhibition. Awarded runner-up in the People’s Choice Award

•    2009 Ghosts. (7 x 1.8m tall Resin impregnated and illuminated human figures). Exhibited at Carriageworks for the Newtown Fringe Festival. Sydney.


Group shows

•    2006 Venice Biennale. (30x25cm Welded plate brass show piece) fabricated for Rogers Stirk Harbour Architects.

•    2007 Chandon & Living Edge competition. Winner of first prize.

•    2006 Object Gallery, Surry Hills, ‘Abundant Australia’ exhibition.


Professional artwork commissions

•    2023 Libellule 3.2m wingspan polished & patina'd steel Dragonfly sculpture, France. 

•    2022 Albatross 3.5m wingspan polished stainless steel bird sculpture, France. Completed 2022

•    2021 Cormorant 2.2m wingspan mirror polished stainless steel bird sculpture, France. 

•    2014 Space. (Design of very large 60 x 10m timber and steel sculptural wall) through new shopping centre, Wollongong Australia. Completed 2016

•    2014 Wall. (12m rusted steel plate sculptural feature wall) lobby of refurbished office. 107 Mount Street, Sydney. Completed 2015

•    2014 Light trumpets. Melbourne Australia. Large sculptural light installation design for Goldsborough Lane redevelopment.

•    2013 String. Melbourne Australia. Completed designs for large entrance feature for office lobby.

•    2012 Anatomy. Commission and design of various anatomical illustrations for medical research group, ongoing.

•    2010 ASP World Surfing Awards. Design artwork for ceremonial/prize surf boards. Issued as prizes to Kelly Slater & Stefani Gilmore, the then world surfing champions

•    2010 School. (thirty laser cut internally illuminated Perspex fish). Bought and put on permanent exhibition at The Sydney Fish Market.

•    2007 Flow. (35m long 5m high stainless steel) Sculptural feature wall design for office lobby, 1 Richard Johnson, Sydney Australia. Planning approved.

•    2003 ARM. (5m tall, machined & polished aluminium, powered and sponsored by Festo air muscles) Interactive robotic arm exhibited at the Slade School of Art


Art Fairs

•    2019 Montpellier Art Fair. Exhibition with ‘le Garage’

•    2019 Lille Grand Palais – Lille Exhibition with ‘le Garage’

•    2018 Montpellier Art Fair. Exhibition with ‘le Garage’

•    2018 Aix-en-Provence Art fair with ‘le Garage’

•    2017 Antibes Art Fair. Exhibition with ‘le Garage’


2020 Interior truth interview press

2017 ArtBookGuy press

2014 Daily Telegraph Sydney

2013 DesktopMag, the culture of Design press

2014 InDesignLive press

2009 AustralianDesignReview press

2005 About the art world link


1998-2003 UCL London Bartlett School of Architecture 

(Distinction & Commendation)

M.A. Interactive & Kinetic Design

1977 Born in Devon, UK

jonvoss Sculpture Heron_12.jpg

Studio, South France, Sainte-Valiere 11120

+33 (0)6 58 97 71 05

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